While enjoying your stay at Silk Valley, you might want to check out these popular attractions.

  • The St. Elias Antonine Monastery

    Distance from Hotel: 500 Meters

    St. Elias Monastery

    The St. Elias Antonine Monastery is directly facing the Hamada Silk magnanery, separated by a ravine and seasonal river. The Monastery dates back to 1850 and was totally renovated in […]

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  • Qsaibeh Village

    Distance from Hotel: 5 KM

    Qsaibeh Village

    Qsaibeh village is around 5 kilometers from Silk Valley. The village is known for its 6 Karroub Molasse artisan shops, and the famous newly built Santa Veronica Juliani Monastery and […]

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  • Salima


    2.5 Kilometers from Silk Valley Located on a beautiful mountainous headland, the village of Salima, seat of the Emirs Abillama in 1515, still reflects this predominance thanks to its unique […]

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