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The Venue

Beyond a beautiful valley in the heart of the Upper Metn lies a place of magic and natural opulence. Over 168 years old, the Hamada Silk Factory has a rich history and is one of the most unique venues in Lebanon.


Vintage feel and ruins are what make it formidable at the Ruin Venue of 650 sqm in The Silk Valley. A desirable venue with glorious views and antique walls, an open-aired frescoed masterpiece is the most desirable venue. With historic space, elegant and picturesque, you can bring any inspired soiree to real life up north! This unique space gives an elegant sense for any ceremony, reception, cocktail party, or welcome dinner. With a classic palette of colors, the Ruin Venue can be freely transformed into your desired space.

La Pépinière

La Pépinière is a sheltered 800sqm venue, leaving your sight vast and endless. For a luxurious and classic end event, the high ceilings, bricked columns and grand welcoming views, inside and out, La Pépinière is as stunning when raw as when transformed to host different vibes. From your romantic ceremony, wedding, to an all out dance ball or graduation party, to your other customized big events, La Pépinière serves you and your guests so you celebrate each other royally.

La Piazza

Yes, you can have an outdoor royal wedding. La Piazza Venue of 600sqm at The Silk Valley lets splendid viewed nature, elegant skies and magnificent architecture be the grand base and finishing touch to your impressive decoration. Located under pure skies and amidst mountainous scenery, La Piazza features beautifully appointed guest rooms. Offering unparalleled venue services, La Piazza lustful venue is ideal for the modern and fashionable events as well as the classic.

Weddings Photos

The Silk Valley Venue is eclectic and versatile, providing many possibilities for staging, gathering and seating areas.

Arcades Restaurant

The Photo-worthy affair happens at the Arcade Venue of 600 sqm at the Silk Valley. A classic event and a wordily escape coincide at the architecturally attracting venue of electric style, which will frame the special memories created on your special day. Stark contrast of the property transports you to your desired destinations, embodying all that is superb and sensuous about tradition. From the Silk Valley, the Arcade Venue is romantic and artfully picture perfect!

Tilia Garden

Dangling grasses, distributed Tilia, sweeping skies and ancient arches are just a few details that Tilia Garden Venue of 360sqm has to offer when creating the setting for your ceremony and reception. In the heart of countryside vibe, Tilia Garden offers no distraction to romance, history and style. The exteriors of this property are the ultimate in elegance and tradition. Embrace the bliss of celebrating and dining finely under the stars!